Tuesday, 30 March 2010

We are back from camping :)

We are now back from our 3 day camping trip at St. Leonards.

As you can imagine we are busy busy busy, so here are a few

pictures of the day :)

The first one is of a Pelican
The second are ahmmmm , well birds :)
The third one is a Magpie having a bath.

Loved watching it :)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

5th Day

We are already into our 5th day here. How time flies :( I would say today was the first day in which I didn't feel like falling asleep at the strangest times of the day :)

Our Geocaching took us lovely places today. What is interesting to see are the changes in senery from one place to the other.

This first picture is of the Maribyrnong River in Sunshine.
The Maribyrnong River rises about 50 km north of Melbourne.

The 3rd and 4th pictures were taken in the Park of the Archery Club in Werribee.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.:)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Brimbank Park

We are now here 4 days and the day trips and Geocaching has begun :)
Our first trip today took us to Brimbank Park. (YES we found the hidden cach. Infact have hooked my parents to this fasinating outdoor hobby)
This Park brings back lots of my childhood memories. It was a our typical family Saturday afternoon outing. Can you imagine - 7 wild kids let out on the loose in the park, lol. We had a BBQ, played cricked, swimming and fishing.
Curious to know what the weather is? 28 degrees with beautiful blue skies :)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Fasten your seatbelts

Well here is the typical *looking out of the plane* picture :) Can't start holidays without one :)

This was taken short before landing in Melbourne Airport.

In the meantime we have landed, settled and still trying to tell our bodies that nighttime is for sleeping and daytime to stay awake :) The 10 hour timezone difference is certianly confusing our sleeping times.

Okay.... I have the urge to make you all jealous... the weather here is 28degrees, blue skies and nice gentle sommer breeze! Absolutely lovely :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

2 more sleeps :)

NOPE.....we are not quite gone yet, just incase you popped in to see if I have started this Blog. :)
Well, to be honest, we are not gone at ALL yet, and rather than sit here and write stories, I really should be doing some serious packing. But tomorrow is another day and who needs more then a few hours to pack? I know I will be sorry *tomorrow* I didn't start today. pffffftttt

Anyway...why not start this Blog with a picture of a previous Australia visit. My friend Sandra asked for a picture of a Koala. I took this sleeping Koala in 2005. So Sandra, just incase I don't get a chance to take a picture of one....here is your Koala :)

I am off to do some serious packing. Come to think of it.....first a good nights sleep and tomorrow I will pack.