Wednesday, 17 March 2010

2 more sleeps :)

NOPE.....we are not quite gone yet, just incase you popped in to see if I have started this Blog. :)
Well, to be honest, we are not gone at ALL yet, and rather than sit here and write stories, I really should be doing some serious packing. But tomorrow is another day and who needs more then a few hours to pack? I know I will be sorry *tomorrow* I didn't start today. pffffftttt

Anyway...why not start this Blog with a picture of a previous Australia visit. My friend Sandra asked for a picture of a Koala. I took this sleeping Koala in 2005. So Sandra, just incase I don't get a chance to take a picture of is your Koala :)

I am off to do some serious packing. Come to think of it.....first a good nights sleep and tomorrow I will pack.


  1. awwwwww, how cute - and just for me. Thank you sooooo much, Ann. Koalas are soooooo adorable, aren't they? I love the pic, thanks so much

  2. when i see this pictures,i wish i was there too, so nice landscapes,
    be carefull on you way back home,

    big hugs, gina