Monday, 29 October 2012

Photos of the Day

Today we drove to Werribee Gorge and then back via Bacchus Marsh. 
Here are some pictures of things that caught my camera eye today :) 

I am sure it was posing for me :)

This will be a beautiful butterfly soon..
at least I hope so :)

In a field of dried leaves and grass was this single
wild poppy!
A typical Australian scene. I love these ones.
Definately in need of a renovation!!

Somebody definately doesn't like rabbits!!

St. Leonards to Port Arlington

Here are some of the pictures between St. Leonards and Port Arlington.

This is the Rental that we will make the Australian roads unsafe with :) :)
Do remember we come from a country where we drive on the right hand side!!!
Mind you, we have a Swiss navigator that reminds us to drive on the left side!

There he is again!
The Geocacher looking for the cache in the wrong place again :)

You Yangs Regional Park, Victoria

I didn't realise that there was such a nice Park, so close to home :)

My Geocaching husband looking for a Cache in all the wrong places :)
If you want to know what Geocaching is, then click here.
If you look at this image closely, what do you see?
I see a hairless animal body, outstretched foot and a tail?
Do I need help or new glasses?? LOL
Giant Red Bull Ant!!  *shudders at the thought of it* !!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Zurich to Melbourne October 2012

Last beer before boarding..... :)

First drink after boarding!
The famous Singapore drink to get the appetite going for the  Airlines 5 Star cooking :)

It really did taste better then it looked. I usually eat vegeterian  when we fly, but forgot to order it this time. 
The meals were good, but definately back to vegeterian on the way home.

After the first meal we settled down to watch some TV on our personal screens :)

But not before checking how long the first part of our flight would be...Z├╝rich to Singapore...
uccccccccchhhhhhhhhh nearly 12 hours!!!
Good thing the Movie program is good on board :)

After a 4.5 hours stopover in Singapore, we had another 6.5 hours to Melbourne, but by then I was so tired, I slept straight threw it!