Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A day at the Beach

We spent a beautiful day at one of Victoria's most popular and beautiful Beaches along the Mornington Penincula. The sun was shining, the sky was beautiful and the water crystal clear. What more could we ask for.... oh yes.... an ice cold BEER... LOL

Rosebud Beach, Victoria

The water was so crystal clear you could even see this Seagull's feet in the water

Surfers Beach, Rye Victoria

YOU are suppose to be paying attention to the clear crystal water here and not my chubby unshaved legs... LOL

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hollow Mountain . The Grampians Vic,

This was an amazing climb up the Hollow Mountain at The Grampians.

Mt. Zero road , which goes to the Moutain.

Hollow Mountain

The walking tracks up the mountain. I am still shaking from the climb up lol

Beautiful views from the top. Well worth the hard hike up.

Yep that is me.... I really did go up there :)

Australian Bush spiders

I know these pictures are not for everyone, and even I have to be honest that I am petrified of spiders, but my desire to get pictures of a different kind, helps me overcome my fear.

Well it's either that or miss out on the many fun walks we do in Australian National parks and bushes.

I will update this page with new spiders and their names, so if you are interested, watch this space.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Kangaroos grazing infront of our Hotel while staying in Halls Gap, The Grampians.

This is not one of my best quality picture , but still exciting to be actually taking one of Kangaroos in the wild :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old coalmines - Lallal Vic

We have finally picked up our Rental car and can start making the Australia roads unsafe with our driving. LOL For those of you reading this - we come from Switzerland, where we drive on the right side.... lets hope we remember which side is our LEFT....lol
Our rental is a Toyota Kruger. Great car.... especially for those inbetween naps when B. (my husbands) forgets I have shorter legs then him, and get tired while trying to keep up with him all day.. :)

As usual, we decided to go Geocaching, as this is the best way to find spots of interest, that one as a common tourist usually doesn't find. On our first trip we went to visit old Coalmines in a quaint little town called Lallal. This picture does NOT do the steep walk downhill justice. Not sure what was worse, walking down or back up, but I can tell you, my knees are still shaking..
Think I am gonna hurt tomorrow :(

The cache was hidden inside that mine. I think the picture speaks more then words. Please note though, that is NOT MY BACKSIDE..... LOL

I sat guard outside, and entertained myself by taking pictures of hugh horseflies with scary looking eyes. Even though they were constantly landing on me, I was truly lucky not to get bitten, as their bites can be very painful. This one was sitting on my knee when I took the pic :)

This is one of those *I don't know what it's called..* trees, that got caught in a fire. Amazing how these plants recover from the fires.

This thistle was very interesting looking. This is one plant, but has all the stages of growth from green, to flowering, to dried up.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of todays trip :)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Half way . Welcome to Singapore

Singapore..our first stop-over after flying 11.3 hours. One board entertainment, and regular meals kept us busy for the first and longest part of our flight :) Well I can't really complain, I have short legs and so sat comfortably in my seat,... and with the many films that we can watch on our own private tv, the time went quickly for us. :)
I find Singapore Airport to be one of the nicest airports I have visited.

Here some pictures taken in the Transit section..... enjoy :)
We landed safetly on the evening of the 4th March 2011.... :)
Let the holiday begin :)

Back to Australia March 2011

Hi All,

Well here we are, going to visit Family in Australia again :) This time we are staying 4 weeks. I do wonder what trouble we will get into in that time :)

We left our home in Switzerland at 7am, and I hate to say this.... totally uneventful. I didnt forget anything last minute, we didn't nearly miss the bus, the plane was on time...boring boring....and totally not usual for me, cause I usually do at least one, or most of the above mentioned things. Nothing like giving a trip a bit of excitement.... even though my husband totally disgrees with me :) LOL
For those of you that have never had the privilage of flying with an Boeing A380 Airbus, I highly recommend it. These planes are great! More leg space, big tv screens, better reclining seats then in the older planes.

Instead of just taking pictures of the wings and clouds , I decided to take some of the inside for a change :)

Enjoy........... ;)