Thursday, 1 April 2010

All in one day!

I wonder if there is any other country in the world that can offer
so much scenic variety, and weather changes in one day?
We went from cold and clowdy to sunny and hot through out the day.

Today we drove a total of about 250km to Penincula Bay, Victoria.
Our first stop was a walk in the forest where we visited some old
Bunkers and then off to Cape Schanck.
Lots and lots of stairs in the nice hot sun :) I live in hope that I
managed to burn some calories....which of course I was constantly
On our way home we stopped of at Frankston Beach where we had
dinner in a Restaurant along the beach and after dinner watched
the sunset.
What a way to end the day :)


  1. Dear Ann,

    Thank you so much for your lovely photo's and comment! It's just wonderful you take some time to inform ;) your 'fans' how you do in Australia(Y)(Y)(Y).
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and keep showing us the beautiful scenery of all the landscapes you see :D.

    Love and hugsssssssssssssssss,


  2. WOW Ann - what fantastic scenery.... it's great to see you are able to travel around so much. Great pics and keep them coming.


  3. Wow...what a lovely pics...and all in one single day...

    Thanks for sharing Ann

    Karin xx

  4. awww, that's amazing! all pics are sooooo beautiful. Australia is such a beautiful place! Enjoy your time 'cos time is whizzing by to quickly