Tuesday, 19 October 2010

We have landed :)

We have landed :) And what a beautiful time to land it was, short after sunset, as the picture shows.

I wish I could say that our trip was totally uneventful (just as dear hubby wishes it to be) but it seems the harder I try, the likelier the chance I will muck it up and cause some kind of drama to start the holiday off with. Well why should this time be different. LOL The whole morning, while packing my hand luggage, I kept reminding myself *don't forget the camera......!!!* And what do I do ?? I walk out the door to the busstop and just as I get there, what do I remember??? *I FORGOT MY CAMERA*!!!! I seriously don't know who was more shocked....!!! Me - for suddenly realising I had forgotten my camera, or my husband, who especially want to leave earlier to avoid stress, watching me running back to the house, and risking missing the bus for my camera! But at that moment I had only one thought, I can't go without my camera... time enough to run back.

Well I made it back in time, wheezing, huffing and puffing like an old Swiss steam train (hey, believe me I have no condition to brag about LOL ) and then panic attack..... *WHERE WAS HE??*. I thought, *Sheesh,I have missed the bus and he has seriously gone without me*!!! But it was payback time. He was hidden behind the busstop wall.

I am laughing about it now... he still isn't! LOL

But we made it, and now it's holiday time :)


  1. hahahaha...he got you ;-)
    I forgot my bikini (more than ones) on Holiday.. It was a good reason to buy a new one. I think you better forgot your bikini than your camara ;-) Glad you made it on time. The sunset is lovely!

    Hugs and enjoy your holiday

  2. Glad to see you're behaving yourself - as usual NOT!!!!!

    Have a lovely time hon.