Monday, 29 October 2012

Photos of the Day

Today we drove to Werribee Gorge and then back via Bacchus Marsh. 
Here are some pictures of things that caught my camera eye today :) 

I am sure it was posing for me :)

This will be a beautiful butterfly soon..
at least I hope so :)

In a field of dried leaves and grass was this single
wild poppy!
A typical Australian scene. I love these ones.
Definately in need of a renovation!!

Somebody definately doesn't like rabbits!!


  1. Woooooow Ann, your photo's are fantastic, I love the tree, not sure about the rabbits though, the Poppy is lovely and the othere pics too, your camera eye is doing brilliantly again, thanks for sharing them with us, and enjoy your holiday.

    Hugssss Sue

  2. Ann, The photo's are fantastic. I hope that you didn't take one of the rabbits home with you!! It is great to see you are having a wonderful time.