Saturday, 5 March 2011

Back to Australia March 2011

Hi All,

Well here we are, going to visit Family in Australia again :) This time we are staying 4 weeks. I do wonder what trouble we will get into in that time :)

We left our home in Switzerland at 7am, and I hate to say this.... totally uneventful. I didnt forget anything last minute, we didn't nearly miss the bus, the plane was on time...boring boring....and totally not usual for me, cause I usually do at least one, or most of the above mentioned things. Nothing like giving a trip a bit of excitement.... even though my husband totally disgrees with me :) LOL
For those of you that have never had the privilage of flying with an Boeing A380 Airbus, I highly recommend it. These planes are great! More leg space, big tv screens, better reclining seats then in the older planes.

Instead of just taking pictures of the wings and clouds , I decided to take some of the inside for a change :)

Enjoy........... ;)


  1. hahaha, kann mir vorstellen das Du über Dich selber gestaunt hast. Es ging mal alles ohne das was vergessen wurde oder Du zu spät kommst.

    Das Flugzeug sieht ja innen toll aus, das habe ich noch nicht so gesehen und werde ich auch sicher nicht, habe ja Angst zu fliegen ;o) Jetzt weiß ich auch warum es Euch nicht langweilig wird, sieht sehr bequem aus.

    Bin jetzt froh und erleichtert das Ihr in Australien gelandet seid, nun genieße Deinen Urlaub und ich freue mich aber auch auf weitere Fotos von Dir. :o)

    Dicken Drück
    Petra xoxo

  2. That plane looks fine :)
    I think indeed it's better than a 'normal plane'.

    Nothing happends before you leave?!?! OMG! That's impossible! Well i'm sure you will have story's to tell when you arrived :)

    Hugs karin