Saturday, 5 March 2011

Half way . Welcome to Singapore

Singapore..our first stop-over after flying 11.3 hours. One board entertainment, and regular meals kept us busy for the first and longest part of our flight :) Well I can't really complain, I have short legs and so sat comfortably in my seat,... and with the many films that we can watch on our own private tv, the time went quickly for us. :)
I find Singapore Airport to be one of the nicest airports I have visited.

Here some pictures taken in the Transit section..... enjoy :)
We landed safetly on the evening of the 4th March 2011.... :)
Let the holiday begin :)


  1. Hallo meine liebe Ann,

    die Halle sieht ja gewaltig aus, man ist das lang, da würde ich mich sicher verlaufen ;o)
    Aber ich muß schon sagen, sie haben es wunderschön mit der Pflanzenanlage gemacht.

    Dicken Knuddel

  2. That airport looks very chic, and clean!
    Good you enjoyed your flight (it would be nothing for me - i'm bored after one hour ;))

    Enjoy your holiday!

    Hugs karin