Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Flinders Ranges

When I started to sort out the pictures for our Gorge drives, I realised that they don't do Flinders Ranges justice.  You need to see it to realise the hidden beauties of this place.  Not only the scenery but also Australias wildlife.  Whereever I looked there was something to take photo off.. animals, flowers, insects etc.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I haven't had a chance to find out the names of some of the insects, so anyone reading this blog know any of them... please share :)

Emu family
Red footed rock wallaby
Shingled lizard or as the Aussies call them, sleepy lizard
Would love to know what this one is called.  If I hadn't seen it jump
I would have seen it at all.
Thank you for your visit and your comments


  1. Ann your photos are amazing, you really do have the knack with the camera.
    The Emu family picture is priceless.
    I think that the it might be a Red Arrow Dragonfly.
    Can you believe that we had a Goanna at our back door today.
    Have a safe trip back to Melbourne, and thank-you for sharing the photo's.

  2. Ann, Looks like you are having a lovely holiday and your photos are fantastic. The jumping insect is a locust (also flies) - they cause terrible distruction to crops when there are millions of them and they are all hungry!
    I also get kookaburras in the gum tree out the front - it's only a problem when they are laughing around 5am in the morning!

  3. Hallo meine liebe Ann,

    also, Deine Fotos sind echt wunderschön geworden.
    Die Tierfotos haben es mir wieder angetan, das eine Tier,
    das wie ein Tannenzapfen aussieht ist schon sehr interessant.
    Sowas habe ich noch nie gesehen. Die große Echse, vor dem Höhlenloch, könnte ein Waran sein. Habe mal gegooglet und da habe ich so ein ähnliches Tier gesehen.Der Käfer sieht aus, wie die Feuerwanzen bei uns.
    Hoffe Ihr habt das Auto wieder sauber bekommen...hahaha, Ihr seid ja wie die irren durch die Wüste....hahaha. Aber ich denke das hat sicher viel Spaß gemacht.