Saturday, 10 November 2012

Melbourne to Flinders Ranges

Off we go on our trip to Flinders Ranges.
We have no idea what to expect on this nearly 1300km drive and so our coolbox is full
with ice, drinks, snacks, our own pillows and not to forget the more important items
like Mobiles, Ipads, navigator and all the electronic devices we can't imagine living
without anymore :) Little did we know....  !!!!

And then it started..kms and kms of long roads like this.

Scenes like this, very bare with no greenery, barely any trees and wheat fields as
 far as the eye can see.

Herbies last resting place?? :)

The further we got, the hotter it got, till it peaked at 40degrees!!

After 8 hours driving we finally arrived  at Mildura, where we spent the night.
A sudden change of scenery... imagine how surprised we were to see palm trees!!

and beautiful Jacaranda trees!!

Of course we can't forget the Geocaching we did on the way. 
Nope the cache is not there B... get your head out of that hole
 and look alittle bit more to the right. :)

We left Mildura for the rest of the journey.. and back to dry and bare scenery.

We found this huntsman spider sitting under a Geocache which B. was brave enough to retrieve.

Another interesting stop.. the Boot camp :)

It looks like a storm is brewing???

After nearly 12 hours drive we finally arrived at our apartment at Rawsley Park Station in Hawkers, Flinders Ranges. The last part of the drive was very slow because of all the Kangeroos on the road.

The expected storm did arrive and I was able to take my first over lightening photos :)
This lightening cause power failure in my parts of South Australia, as well as our park.  We had generators for electricity but for the rest of our stay in Flinders we had no mobile reception and no internet.. How did we live without these things before?????????


  1. Hallo meine liebe Ann :-)

    wow, sind das tolle Fotos, ich habe mir alles angesehen. 40° oh Gott, da würde ich ja eingehen...hihihi und das ist ja auch ein Alptraum, wenn der Strom ausfällt und wenn man dann noch kein Empfang hat, hilt auch so ein modernes Gerät nicht ,wie z.B.das Handy oder iPod. Der Baum sieht ja cool aus, wenn man das noch alles gebrauchen könnte wäre es ja wie, nur das dann die Geschenke am Baum hängen.

    Ich wünsche Euch weiterhin viel Spaß und freue mich auf die nächsten Fotos.

    Bussiii Petra

  2. Ann, your photo's are amazing, so many things to see along the way and many hours of nothing.
    This is why Australia is unique.
    Glad to see that Beat got to do some geocaching along the way.

  3. Hi Ann,

    Thank you só much for your beautiful photo's of your beautiful homecountry.... It looks absolutely awesome to be there!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip and come home safe again...

    Love and hugssssssssssss,


  4. Liebe Ann
    Ich bin begeistert...und ein ganz klein wenig neidisch:-)Deine Kamera fängt ja mega spannende Bilder ein! Schön, dass wir uns daran erfreuen dürfen!

    Bestimmt funktioniert eure Klimaanlage Bestens, so dass ihr die sommerlichen Themperaturen geniessen könnt!
    Weiterhin eine schöne Reise, passt gut auf euch auf! Wir freuen uns schon auf eure nächsten Bilder!
    Herbstliche Grüsse und eine liebe Umarmung aus der NEBLIGEN und sehr viel kühleren CH...
    Barbara und Beat